The future is too important to miss out on 50% of the world's potential

For those of you who haven't been paying attention, we can tell you that the world is changing around your business. Within the next decade, your business environment will be dominated by female students, consumers and producers.

If your business wants to evolve alongside your customers’ changing needs, you need a workforce that not only reflects your clients but who truly connects with them.

We believe every individual has the capacity to be uniquely excellent, and that it’s a waste to let such potential go unrecognized and unrealized.

When you employ similar people with similar perspectives in similar fields, don’t be surprised when they come up with similar ideas for similar products with about the same prices and quality.  All this playing it safe is not what’s going to catapult your company into the future.  

Wiminvest helps companies deeply understand and integrate tomorrow’s workforce. We help you invest in and unleash the tremendous capacity of the women already working for you. After all, they are the only ones who already know exactly what it is they need from you in order to use their talents and take the company to the next level. We take you beyond business as usual.

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Wiminvest designed and ran the diversity project Axelerate for the Axel Johnson Group to provide an additional boost in stepping up the pace of diversity efforts regarding gender and ethnical background. 



Wiminvest played a big game in 2013. Together with Sweden’s largest business magazine, Chef and Eva Swartz Grimaldi we organized the Battle of the Numbers project with ten international companies: Ericsson, H&M, IKEA, SEB, SSAB, SPP, Sandvik, Scania, SAAB and Volvo to increase female leadership using the Wiminvest Business Transformer ©.

Read more about the project objective, process, design and result here.


Battle Of The Numbers - The Game Changing Year.

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Diversity Impact Indicator

Wan’t to know how big your company’s real-life impact is of your diversity promotional practices? The first step is to ask the right questions by using our Diversity Impact Indicator. You get to benchmark how you are already doing an amazing job, which things are still less than flattering, in which areas you can teach other companies a thing or two and where you might need some inspiration your self. This kind of straight-up, all cards on the table reporting takes courage, but the benefits are invaluable.  

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