We have some bad news for the kinds of companies that work really hard with things like storytelling, PR, and advertising to get the news out about all their ambitious targets, amazing policies, and far-reaching projects aimed at improving their gender diversity. Your gender diversity won’t even reach mediocre unless you step away from the polite policies and check-box activities sent down from the corporate board. 

Of course, we’re not totally against making noise, but we think it has to happen from a place of genuine change - we’re not into telling fairy tales. Happily ever after is the result of day-to-day activities that actually make a difference for your bottom line. Once you start doing the right things, we help you communicate as someone who is doing the work of the story, not just telling stories.

Get with us. Follow along as we hack the system of undiversified corporate culture and upgrade the strategy to stay productive, innovative, market-sensitive, and above all – predictive.